Elevate your meals, One Chutney at a time

A dollop to brighten your salad, a spread to elevate your morning toast, the crowd-pleaser on your next charcuterie board—you can add the right chutney to almost any meal.

Did you know

58% of all the food we produce in Canada is lost or wasted.

We decided to do something about it

So far we've

40000lbs of produced recovered

Worked with over 45 refugees and new Canadians

Partnered with 10 local farms

At Luv The Grub, we rescue ugly produce and turn it into gourmet food.

And we're just getting started...

Jar of spiced mango chutney

Savory, Sweet and Utterly Unique

Chutneys originated in India, but they’ve have been adapted by many countries and cultures. Our chutneys are more versatile than jam or relish. They’re made from wholesome, local ingredients, and full of real fruit and rich flavours.

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