Our Impact


of all the food we produce in Canada is lost or wasted

$4.9 Billion

The amount of food wasted in Canada every year amounts to 4.9 billion dollars

56.6 Million

Tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions are created by food waste in Canada each year

  • Here at Luv the Grub, we spread love to people and the planet

    We partner with local farmers and markets to mitigate all those bumped, bruised but equally delicious fruits and vegetables from entering the landfill, and turn them into delicious, gourmet chutneys and spreads all the while hiring newcomer refugees and immigrants.

    In the four years since founding Luv The Grub, we've partnered with 8 local farms and produce markets to rescue over 200,000 lbs of produce from the landfill. We’ve hired over 40 individuals through our paid employment training program.Our chutneys and spreads are sold in over 65 retail locations across Canada and the United States (and counting).